International Management Concentration

International Management & International Management in Latin America

The International Management concentration requires a minimum of 15 hours of courses above the required core courses. To satisfy requirements for this concentration, students must take five (5) international management courses. See the checklist below.

International Concentration Checklist

Download a brief primer to help you develop ways to become aware of the career opportunities available to you and to help you articulate the distinct skills one acquires as they gain professional credentials in international business and management (IB/IM).

Download the International Management checklist for MBA students. Please use this worksheet as a guide to satisfy your graduation requirements. Check off the courses as you complete them to keep track of your progress.

Questions regarding concentration requirements should be addressed your MBA advisor or with the International Management Faculty Concentration Advisor.

International Management Faculty Concentration Advisors

Raul Gouvea

Department Contact Information

Leslie A. Boni