Finance Concentration

Managers need finance to find funding sources for their firms, to identify and manage risk, and to decide whether to make capital expenditures or produce new products. Areas of study in the field of finance include financial management, banking, planning, investments, insurance, money flow, real estate and financial services.

The Finance Concentration requires a minimum of 15 hours of courses above the required core courses. To satisfy requirements for this concentration, students must take five (5) finance courses. MGMT 571 and MGMT 577 are required courses. The remaining 3 courses can be selected from the elective courses list.

Careers in Finance

For an overview of careers in financial management, including average yearly salaries and sample occupations, please review the Careers in Finance handout. For additional questions and career guidance, please consult Anderson Career Services.

Finance Concentration Checklist

Download the checklist for MBA students that is appropriate for you based on your start semester. Please use this worksheet as a guide to satisfy your graduation requirements. Check off the courses as you complete them to keep track of your progress.

Questions regarding concentration requirements should be addressed your MBA advisor or with the Finance Faculty Concentration Advisor.

Finance Faculty Concentration Advisor

Leslie A. Boni

Department Contact Information

The Finance Concentration falls within the Finance, International, Technology & Entrepreneurship (FITE) Department. For more information on this department, including contact information for the department chair, please visit the FITE Department Website.

Leslie A. Boni