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MBA Marketing Concentration Checklist

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2014 or after.

Concentration Overview

Marketing an organization’s product or services includes planning and executing development, pricing, promotion, and distribution to create customer satisfaction. Students with a concentration in Marketing Management are prepared for a wide variety of careers in product management, marketing research, advertising, retailing, distribution, customer relations, sales and technology development.

Job opportunities exist in advertising agencies, consulting firms, entertainment firms, government, industrial firms, international firms, manufacturing firms, marketing research firms, marketing specialist firms, media, product testing laboratories, public relations firms, retail firms, self-employed, purchasing, service firms, and wholesaling firms. Employers of Marketing Management graduates include General Motors Truck & Bus Group, IBM, John Hancock Financial Services, Rick Johnson & Company, Inc., Ford Motor Corporation, Intel, J.C. Penney, Neiman-Marcus, KOB-TV, Pfizer, Inc., Sandia Labs, and Sherwin-Williams Company.

Concentration Requirements

The MBA Marketing Management Concentration requires 12 hours of coursework above the required core courses. MGMT 522 is a pre-requisite for all graduate marketing courses. There are two required courses, MGT 581 and 582. In addition, two electives must be chosen from MGMT 489, 523, 580, 583, 584, 586, 587, 588 and 697. Other Anderson School or UNM courses may be substituted with prior written consent of the faculty advisor. In the list below the semester in which the course is normally taught is shown in parentheses. If no semester is shown the semester the course is taught varies. Students should refer to the course schedule for more information.

Required Courses

MGMT 581Research for Marketing Management (3) (Spring)- Prerequisite: MGMT 501 and 522
MGMT 582Marketing Strategy (3) (Fall)- Prerequisite: MGMT 522

Plus Two Of

*MGMT 489Marketing of Services (3) - Prerequisite: MGMT 522
MGMT 523Service Operations Management (3) (Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 580Buyer Behavior (3) - Prerequisite: MGMT 522
MGMT 583International Marketing (3) (Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 522
MGMT 584Sales Management (3) (Spring) - Prerequisite: MGMT 522
MGMT 586Strategic Logistics Management (3) (Spring) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 587Marketing Communications Management (3) - Prerequisite: MGMT 522
MGMT 588Supply Chain Strategy (3) (Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 697Internship (Concentration advisor permission required-see Career Services Office)

Dual Concentration Program

Students may pursue a dual concentration in Marketing and Operations Management by taking as few as 18 credit hours. To achieve the dual concentration the following courses should be selected:

  • Required courses to complete the dual concentration: 521, 581, 582
  • Choose two dual electives from: 523, 586, 588
  • Choose one additional operations elective from: 523, 525, 586, 588

You are your own best advisor. You should know the requirements for graduation and how you are going to fulfill them. The Marketing Faculty and Anderson MBA/MACCT Advisor are available to assist you in planning your curriculum. You should seek advice prior to making important decisions.

Marketing Faculty Advisor

Mary Margaret Rogers

Checklist ownership: Please contact Anderson Advisement for more information, changes or corrections.