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MBA Management of Technology (MOT) Concentration Checklist

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2014 or after.

Concentration Overview

The field of Management of Technology (MOT) develops professionals who enable large and small firms in the public and private sectors to excel in a technology-based economy. Engaging in New Mexico economic development activities and generating worldclass research in technology commercialization, the Anderson MOT program has been ranked in the top ten U.S. technology management programs and in the top 50 worldwide by the International Association of Management of Technology. (IAMOT).

The MOT program offers a hands-on approach to enhance the knowledge, skills and careers of both public and private sector managers. The program educates its graduates to recognize and generate competitive market advantage from technological change.

Students learn to:

  • Assess the technological potential of innovations,
  • Manage Research and Development (R & D) projects,
  • Forecast technological needs within the commercial world,
  • Create and/or build upon businesses based on technology products,
  • Evaluate the strategic impact of technology on current operations,
  • Examine the role of strategic alliances, and
  • Evaluate ventures based upon patents, licenses and other intellectual property positions.

The Management of Technology program supports activities that lead to economic development in New Mexico and the world. MOT fosters the interaction between New Mexico and international, high-technology business communities through collaborative business plan development, customized entrepreneurial programs, and technological forecasting. Collaborative relationships exist with organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, The State of New Mexico, Intel, Technology Ventures Corporation, STC@UNM, and many technology-based firms.

Concentration Requirements

The MBA Management of technology concentration requires 12 hours (4 courses) of graduate MOT coursework above the required core courses. The pre-requisite for all MOT concentration coursework is MGMT 511: Commercialization and the Global Environment (part of the Anderson Core Curriculum). We provide three tracks from which students can specialize in. They are: Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Project Management and Technology Management. Each Track has at least two required courses with the other two courses from a list of elective MGMT 51X courses.

The following courses have been identified as relevant for an emphasis in Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Project Management, and Technology Management:

Technology Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Required Courses

  • 513 Technological Forecasting and Assessment
  • 514 Technological Entrepreneurship
  • 518/519: 518 Technology Management & Economic Development OR 519 Project in Technology Commercialization
  • Plus one other MGMT 51X course from elective list below

Technology Project Management Emphasis

Required Courses

  • 514 Technological Entrepreneurship
  • 517 Technology Program Management
  • 519 Project in Technology Commercialization
  • Plus one other MGMT 51X course from elective list below

Technology Management Emphasis

Required Courses

  • 512 Strategic Management of Technology
  • 514 Technological Entrepreneurship
  • 515 Innovative Product Development
  • Plus one other MGMT 51X course from elective list below

Elective Courses - Choose Additional Courses from the Following

MGMT 512Strategic Management of Technology
MGMT 513Technological Forecasting and Assessment
MGMT 514Technological Entrepreneurship - Preferably taken as the capstone course in the concentration. Consult with faculty advisors prior to registration to verify completion of helpful prerequisites.
MGMT 515Innovative Product Development
MGMT 516Entrepreneurial Finance in High Technology
MGMT 518Technology Management & Economic Development
MGMT 519Project in Technology Commercialization
MGMT 594Management of Technology Topics Only
MGMT 697MOT Internship (Concentration advisor permission required-see Career Services Office)

*Other courses may be approved by a concentration advisor. Courses from other university units (Law, Engineering, etc.) may be considered for credit toward an MOT concentration if approved by a concentration advisor in advance. Each student is strongly encouraged to meet with a concentration as early as possible in his/her degree program in order to plan a program of study.

Management of Technology Faculty Advisors

Steve Walsh
  • Steve Walsh
  • Distinguished Professor
    Full Professor of Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Phone: (505) 277-8868
  • Office: ASM 2158
  • More Information & Office Hours »
  • Bio: Dr. Walsh received his Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1995 and joined the faculty at UNM in 1998. Professor Walsh has published in a number of Management and Engineering journals, such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Technovation, Creativity and Innovation Management, Journal of IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management, Journal of Small Business Management, among other publications. Professor Walsh has been a Special Issue editor for a number of journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Technovation, Creativity and Innovation Management Journal and Technological Forecasting and Social Change.
    Professor Walsh has received innumerous grant awards such as the "New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program - Sandia National Laboratories" and "New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program - Los Alamos National Laboratory." In 2017, Professor Walsh is spearheading the "Project Management" Program at Anderson in conjunction with Los Alamos Laboratories.
    He teaches a number of entrepreneurship courses, including Technology Forecasting and Assessment, Projects in Technology Management, Technology Commercialization and the Global Environment, among other courses.
    Professor Walsh is a visiting Professor at the Nikos School, University of Twente where he holds the Von Kronenberg Visiting Professorship.

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