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MBA Operations Concentration Checklist

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2014 or after.

Concentration Overview

The Operations Management concentration provides students with management skills for planning, coordinating, and controlling the people and technology used to transform raw materials into goods and services. Students with a concentration in Operations Management are well prepared to contribute to the economic development and combativeness of New Mexico and the U.S. by taking advantage of excellent career opportunities in consulting, inventory planning, purchasing, supply chain management, production control, production scheduling, and material resource planning in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries. These include manufacturing, banking, insurance, hospitals, tourism, and construction.

Concentration Requirements

The concentration consists of 12 credit hours of Operations Management courses beyond the normal MBA core requirements. Other Anderson School courses may be substituted with prior written consent of the concentration advisor. Students seeking a concentration in Operations Management should consult with the concentration advisor to determine what additional course options are available. Concentration classes are generally offered only once per year and never in the summer. MGMT 521, 523 and 588 are offered in the Fall; MGMT 525 and 586 are offered in the Spring. All classes have at least one prerequisite and these prerequisites are strictly enforced. Thus, it is important for students to plan their course of study well in advance to ensure that prerequisites are taken early.

Operations Management Courses - Four (4) courses should be selected from the following:

MGMT 521Manufacturing Systems Management (typically offered Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 523Service Operations Management (typically offered Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 525Management of Quality (typically offered Spring) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520
MGMT 586Strategic Logistics Management (typically offered Spring) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520 and 522
MGMT 588Materials & Supply Chain Management (typically offered Fall) - Prerequisite: MGMT 520 and 522
MGMT 697Operations Internship (Concentration advisor permission required-see Career Services Office)

Other courses may be approved by the concentration advisor.

Dual Concentration Program

Students may pursue a dual concentration in Operations Management and Marketing by taking as few as 18 credit hours. To achieve the dual concentration the following courses should be selected:

  • Required courses to complete the dual concentration: 521, 581, 582
  • Choose two dual electives from: 523, 586, 588
  • Chose one additional operation elective from: 523, 525, 586, 588

Operations Faculty Advisor

Cheping '<em>Jack</em>' Su

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