MBA Core

The MBA program can be completed in 37 credit hours for an Accelerated MBA program or 43 credit hours for a Focused MBA program with a concentration. Both of these options include 31 hours of Anderson core designed to build knowledge and skills in principal areas of business.

The core curriculum consists of 31 credit hours that cover the general concepts and common body of knowledge all MBA's need. The material covered by these courses forms the basis for decision-making in the basic functional areas of management. The list below details the course titles and numbers of the course classes.

***Note:  If you have a BBA with a concentration, you may be able to waive a core course.  Click to read more about Course Waivers...

The list of core courses, below, applies to students admitted for the Fall 2019 semester and later.

  • MGMT 600* - Perspectives on Management and Careers (Enrollment in first semester recommended)
  • MGMT 501 - Data Driven Decision Making
  • MGMT 502 - Financial Accounting & Analysis
  • MGMT 504 - Managerial Economics
  • MGMT 506 - Managing People in Organizations
  • MGMT 508 – Business and Society
  • MGMT 511 – Technology, Commercialization, & Global Environment
  • MGMT 520 – Operations Design and Decision Making
  • MGMT 522 – Managerial Marketing
  • MGMT 526 – Financial Decision Making (Prerequisites: MGMT 501 and 502)
  • MGMT 598 – The Strategic Management Process (Prerequisites:  MGMT 501, 502, 504, 506, 520, 522, 600, 601; Pre-/Co-requisite:  MGMT 508, 511)
  • MGMT 601 – MBA Knowledge Exam

Please refer to your concentration’s checklist for specifics on hours and courses.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2019 can request a list of core courses from their Academic Advisor.



Core Waiver

A student may waive a maximum of 6 hours of MBA core, not including MGMT 598 if the student meets the following criteria:

  • A BBA from an AACSB accredited school or a Bachelor of Economics,
  • Completed within the past 5 years,
  • And a concentration / major in the area covered by the core class.

Students exercising the waiver may substitute any other non-core MBA course to fulfill the minimum hour requirements.

Graduates of the following BBA concentrations will waive out of the corresponding courses:

ConcentrationCore Course
AccountingMGMT 502
FinanceMGMT 526
General ManagementNone
Human ResourcesNone
Interdisciplinary Film and Digital MediaNone
International Management + in Latin AmericaNone
Management Information SystemsNone
MarketingMGMT 522
Operations ManagementMGMT 520
Organizational LeadershipMGMT 506

Graduates of a Bachelor of Economics will waive out of the corresponding course: MGMT 504.